Here is one for the photographers.

It really doesn’t take much to light a portrait on location. Light is light right?  I use a mixture of strobes and flashes for most of my on location portraits.  I try to pack light, especially when you are going into a location that is somewhat “Out Of The Way”.  This session was for a Hair dressing Salon that wanted to showcase one of their more “funky” styles. I knew beforehand that the hairstyle was going to be big and colorful so I wanted to find a place that would compliment it. I also knew that I would have to light it in a way that would “highlight” the style and color. For this image, I used 2 lights behind my subject to add a pinlight around the hairstyle, seperating her from the background. I then added 2 more lights to fill in the shadows, bring out the background, and add some depth to my subject. Getting multiple lights off camera allows you to be more creative with your portraits and also allows you to utilize any location you chose.





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