Sunny Sudbury Wedding Day

Joce and I Just got back from photographing Lianne & Mannuel’s wedding.  It was hot today, which was a great change from the cold weather we have been having, so I’m not complaining.  Like all the others, we had another fabulous day.  The bridal party were a blast and it seems that alot of our former bride & grooms are now part of the bridal parties which make it all the more fun.   Our couples know how to pick a great bridal party and this one was no exception.  Stay tuned for more images from the Manni & Lianne Show.  Thanks for a great day!

Sudbury Wedding Photography

Cheers, Your sudbury wedding photographers

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One Response to “Sunny Sudbury Wedding Day”

  1. Maegan Says:

    James, of course as I said the entire day your good!!!! the pictures from manny and Lianne’s special day were absolutely amazing…… thx again for the great day 🙂

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