A Couch, A Fish & A Beach

Today Joce and I spent the day with our good friends Julie & Guy of www.martinphotography.com, Craig Minielly of www.craigsactions.com on the beautiful Lac  Simon  (that’s Simon Lake for all you English folks) in Quebec.  Due to the fact that we had no portable chairs for the beach, Craig and I took it upon ourselves to bring a much needed comfort prop, the couch.  So we hauled it in the boat, and brougth it to the beach.

Here we are relaxin and enjoying a nice cold pop (we put the pop in the beer bottles for effect).

Ottawa Photographers
Now, some of you know that I have been dubbed “The Fish Whisperer” and of course I always have a rod in my car, and since this is a lake, and lakes have fish in them, I thought I would take a crack at it.

We didn’t notice the sign until we downloaded the images.

Ottawa Photography
Now, since I am a good doobie and I wasn’t too sure when Bass season opens in Quebec, I did the good o’l catch and release.  And here is the proof.


Tomorrow I speak to the Professional Photographers Of Ontario (Eastern Branch) on how to catch fish, and take really really good pictures.

Cheers: Your Sudbury Photographer

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One Response to “A Couch, A Fish & A Beach”

  1. Jillian Bickle Says:

    hope you are having fun! i just don’t know if I believe you that you didn’t see that sign! I mean, aren’t photographers supposed to notice all the little details? 😉

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