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Niagara School of Imaging gives you the opportunity to glean real life knowledge, tips and ideas from top North American based photographic instructors. By bringing together an environment for learning (Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada), an environment that stimulates creativity (the beautiful Niagara Peninsula), topnotch instructors, and events that unite photographers and industry supporters/suppliers, Niagara School of Imaging is an intensive 5-day program that will make a positive impact on your personal and business skills as well as ignite your creativity.

Let’s cover it all shall we?


How about we start with Weddings. The whole process explained; NoBs Style. James will take you through a typical freestyle wedding, covering all aspects and angles of the business.  Discover how to book your weddings years in advanced, learn to find and create dynamic images in the oddest places with minimal equipment.


Then we will move onto portraits with some on-location sessions, understand the concepts of off camera flash and mixing ambient light with flash.  James will discuss simple yet effective marketing techniques using your website and blog to bring in more business and overload your client database.


Let’s not forget the Photoshop part either. James will show you tips and tricks to pack your Photoshop arsenal; all the time keeping your files and processes organized. During the 5 days you will have numerous live model shoots where you can practice & hone the skills taught during NSI. This course will give you the abilities to take your photography and photography business to the next level. Check out the timetable below for more information.


This workshop is for photographers that have a basic understanding of light, composition and exposure.  We will not be showing you how to set your shutter speed and f-stop, and we don’t want to hear what does ISO mean. haha. Photographers who have attended Rob and James’ class before will also be qualified for their class.
Participants should have a sound technical background of photographing with their digital SLR cameras in manual mode and using their own laptop/desktop computers to review, edit, save and store their images safety.
Although this is not an advanced Photoshop workshop, a basic familiarity with your computer is essential. Computer literacy, navigation and mouse skills in Photoshop knowledge are also very helpful.

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  1. Deonte Says:

    I really liked your blog! Excellent read. keep up the good work.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Yeah!!!! I’m very excited. I was able to get a spot in your course at the NSI Workshop and am looking forward to learning from you. I LOVE your work!

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