Pregnant Women Are Twice As Attractive….

to mosquitoes.  Did you know that?  Just a little tidbit of information I learned while photographing the pregnant and beautiful Mini a little while ago.   We decided to do something different for this session so we hiked her across fields, over mountains, through streams and over rolling hills to get to this secret spot.   Actually it’s 100 ft from the parking lot. 🙂  Because the mosquitoes were after her and not me (for a change) she has become a ninja-kung-fo0 mosquito killer.  She is so fast not even my camera could capture the quick flip of her hand as another mosquito falls to it’s doom. 🙂  Thanks again Mini for taking the time and allowing Joce and I to photograph this precious time in your life.  We look forward to capturing more images of you and Rob in the coming months.

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2 Responses to “Pregnant Women Are Twice As Attractive….”

  1. Rob Gregorini Says:

    Wow…my wife is sooooo beautiful. I’m a lucky man!!!! Great work, James, this is wild!

  2. Rob Oresteen Says:

    James – this is really nice. I like the idea of taking the woman out of the studio and into the enviroment.

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