Wrapping up in the Bay.

Well we had a great day yesterday with a little marketing, weddings, promotions, live shooting and rain followed up with a massive Prime Rib dinner and print critique.  I have said it before, I said it last night, and I’m posting it here.  The Professional Photographers of Ontario Thunder Bay branch is the best in the PPO.  They know what they are doing, they are VERY hospitable, and they are very organized.  Thanks again to Bill Davis for taking me fishing, Don Bergman for being my personal guide, Franky for being my big fish, Frank Baratta for the images of me below, Austin for being my light stand, Foster for pickup us up, Roy of Frost Imaging  for sponsoring me, and all the photographers that attended this photography workshop.  I’m back in the Suds later today if the weather does not go to the carp in the next few hours (like it did the last time I was here).

Sudbury Photography
Sudbury couples photography
Sudbury couples photography
Sudbury couples photography
Sudbury couples photography
Sudbury couples photography

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4 Responses to “Wrapping up in the Bay.”

  1. Colleen Serban Says:

    Hey Hodgy!

    Totally AWESOME workshop!!! I learned a ton and can’t wait for my wedding this weekend to try out my newly aquired skills!!! Totally worth the 8 hour drive to the Bay!

    Hope you’re recovering quickly. Awesome image of the falls, I could barely drive my car around the city with the 70km/h winds…kept blowing my car all over!

  2. jameshodgins Says:

    Good stuff Colleen, thanks for being there. 🙂

  3. Minds_Eye Says:

    Dude…where’s yer facial hair???

  4. Brandee Neymeyer Says:

    just wanted to say great design site.

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