Elmira Crapshoot With Sudbury Photographer

Today Tina Weltz (www.callastudio.ca) and I did a quick 2 hr crapshoot in the outskirts of Elmira Ontario.  This consisted of walking down trails that lead us to the wrong location, squirrel poop that was bigger than my cat, dirt roads leading to nowhere that were busier than the 401, and evil Burr infested forests with a peeping Mennonite.  I’m tired now  as it’s 12:22 am and need sleep, but I thought I would share with you 2 images from today.   I would post more, but I am just too tired so you will have to wait.  I have a full day seminar to present tomorrow so that will take up some time, but do not cry, I will post more in days to come.  Cheers & enjoy.

Sudbury Portrait photographerSudbury photographer


Your Sudbury Photographer (Hodgy)

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  1. Pretoria Wedding and Baby Photography Photographer Says:

    These images are hot stuff Hodgy, like nr 1 most
    Jenna D

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