“Dog Day”…Coming Soon.

Some time in the new year we will be hosting “Dog Day” at our studio.  Hunter came in today for a trial run (and run he did) and although he was all over the place, we did manage to capture his personality in a few frames.  We love photographing dogs, and we understand that each dog has it’s own individual personality.  This is what we wan’t to capture, and so, “Dog Days” was created.  We will keep everyone posted on this upcoming event.  I know we will be trying to raise funds and food for the SPCA so this will be a good time to show your support AND get a great image of your dog.

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Sudbury Pet Photography

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4 Responses to ““Dog Day”…Coming Soon.”

  1. Natalie Rivard-Austin Says:

    Awesome! I have 2 fantastics dogs who would love to “jump” in front of your camera! No pun intended!


  2. Daryl Chezzi Says:

    Lovely job with Hunter ! I just had my puppy Kelly photographed with Danielle ! I hope to share some of those pics with you soon.

    Daryl Chezzi

  3. jameshodgins Says:

    Would like to see those images.

  4. jameshodgins Says:

    Let’s get er done, I need some more models to use for promotion!!! I also have Taylors big pic but having a hard time getting it to the dance studio. Maybe you can?

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