Down And Dirty To Get The Shot!

You know, sometimes photography isn’t all that clean and pretty.  Sometimes you have to get down and dirty to get the shot.  That’s basically what I had to do today for one of my shoots.  This image was created for Cambrian College under the guidance of Darla (yes Darla, this post is for you) and I guess we should have gone over the specifics a little more carefully haha.    Don’t get me wrong, I love getting dirty if it will make a great shot, but normally I have my “Never Wear Again” clothes that were specifically “created” for these types of shoots. Oh well, I now have a new set of “Never Wear Again” clothes for more upcoming “Down & Dirty Shoots”. At my defense, I was trying to get in between the tires without my body touching them, it’s hard to do.  Like usual shooting with Darla is a blast, much laughter, jokes and humiliation.  I can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂  Note:  Yes the last video shows a female, and no I did not do some fancy smancy photoshop stuff.  We shot both male and female for the image.

Sudbury Photographer
On The Ground Take 1

On The Ground Take 2

On The Ground Take 3

A new pair of “Never Wear Again Clothes”

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3 Responses to “Down And Dirty To Get The Shot!”

  1. Judy Hodgins Says:

    Too funny and that mechanical shop is actually one of cleanest ones I’ve seen – very impressive! Naturally the best spot for the shot, (between the tires), was the one dirty area. Amazing the efforts that go into photography….

  2. Tony Says:

    Eye Candy

  3. Mark & Chantal Says:

    Regardless of the outcome of the actual photo(which by the way is great)…Chantal and I laughed hard watching you try to get in there without getting dirty. You are such a pretty boy 🙂 Love Ya!

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