What can a nature landscape photographer teach me?

It’s Monday and I am now home for at least a month woohoo. Traveling does take a lot out of you and it really does throw you off your schedule (I now like schedules).  As I stated before I was one of the keynote speakers at this years Windsor International Photography Seminar a long with three other well respected photographers.  Rob Provencher (My NoBs Associate and partner in crime), Ralph Gibson (Fine Art Photographer) & Darwin Wiggett (An amazing Nature & Landscape Photographer).  We met Darwin the night before while having a pint in the hotel lounge and we quickly discovered that he had the same odd sense of humor as we do.  Although our photography styles are at both ends of the spectrum I was really looking forward to his presentation and looking at all the amazing pictures he creates.  What I discovered was ten fold!  This photographer KNOWS his stuff.  First I was mesmerized by the awe inspiring landscape images he was presenting but was equally impressed with how he created them.  It all comes down to good photography.  Exposure, composition and light!  Who knew that in this day of digital that a photographer would still be using ND Grad filters, polarizer filters and Gradient filters in front of his/her lens.  Darwin does.  Why?  So that he can get the best possible  image In Camera and not fuss in photoshop.  I thought some of the colors and effects his images had were done in post processing.  Nope.  Not so, and some of the more brilliant images were created in film.  Totally breath taking.  Just take a look at his site www.darwinwiggett.com.

Darwin Wiggett

I learned more about great photography from Darwin than I have from most photographers I have seen this year.  I have also added his Workshops to one of my Photography Life’s Goals (Things I have set to do within my lifetime, like Tornado Chasing in 2011).  It was a pleasure meeting you Darwin and hanging out watch UFC Sat night.  Sorry we didn’t get to have lunch yesterday.  Cheers mate.  Funny thing, I picked up an issue of Photonews Magazine and I discovered that Darwin is the featured article writer.


Back in the Studio tomorrow everyone and I have loads more images to post, videos to show you and funny stories to share.  Looking forward to hanging in Sudbury for the next month.

Here is the view from our room I posted earlier.  I captured it at 3 different times with my Canon G11.


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2 Responses to “What can a nature landscape photographer teach me?”

  1. Carole Says:

    Had a great time at the WIPS. inspirational and informative to say the least. Absolutly loved your black/white video presentation of the children…I had tears all the way through, if you haven’t sold it for a commercial or documentary yet, you should! …Detroit does have a great skyline, nice captures!

  2. jameshodgins Says:

    Thanks for the compliments . 🙂

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