Sudbury Photographer Eats His Photography.

At least I wanted to eat my subject.  It was day 2 of photographing menu items for the new restaurant.  I am always intrigued at learning a new style of photography and of course there is always a learning curve.  Shooting food has no exceptions.  Like all other photography I create, I try to put my heart and soul into it.  Some may think I am anal, some may say I have a slight compulsive disorder, but really I want to give my clients the best images I can possibly create.   Like all my images, presentation is everything, so some of the images took us more than an hour to create.  It’s amazing how much detail you need to pay attention to when creating this style of photography.  There are also loads of tricks you can do to fool the naked eye.  I look forward to creating more images for more restaurants in the Sudbury Area.  Speaking of which, Joce and I are now off to one of our favorites… (Respect Is Burning), check out their new website  you just can’t go wrong visiting this establishment.

A couple of images from today (Restaurant soon to come).

Sudbury Food Photography

Sudbury Food Photography

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One Response to “Sudbury Photographer Eats His Photography.”

  1. Claudette Leblanc Says:

    Sweet Lord, that looks sooooooooooooo good.

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