Snow. I live in the wrong part of the world.

Some of you love the winter season, others  (like me) not so much.  Over the years I have ended up dreading the winter months, especially after I owned my first house and I had to start shoveling my own driveway. 🙂  I do enjoy the holidays though, spending time with family and friends, relaxing…..EATING TURKEY!.    Looking outside today with the big fluffy snowflakes falling and the few inches of snow on the ground I realized.  Crap, winter is here.  Break out your winter coats, grab your warm gloves and scarves and try to enjoy winter the best you can.

Sudbury Winter Photography

On a good note, I did come up with a great new image for my blah blah blah gallery. 🙂  The Snowman (coming soon)

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