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Today was another successful shoot for MIC (Made In Canada) Restaurant soon to open in the Don Cherries location in New Sudbury.  We previously photographed the main menu items and dishes, and today we finished off with some deserts and drinks.  Unfortunately and fortunately the restaurant is in construction so we couldn’t shoot in the main sitting area like we did the previous session, so off to Pete’s house we went to use HIS kitchen and dining room.  This worked out great as I had loads of options (from his cupboards and fridge) to use for background and complimentary additions to the delicious deserts and custom mouth watering drinks.  These are all one of kind custom created items that will be featured at MIC and is only a small sampling of their complete menu.  I now need to hit the gym after today and yesterday.

Bread Pudding the size of a brick!!! Sooo good.

made in canada restaurant
Of course, the Caesars will not change.

made in canada restaurant
This one tasted great!

made in canada restaurant
Sour Grape in this one….had to taste it a few times. 🙂

made in canada restaurant
The best homemade Naomi Bar I have ever had.

made in canada restaurant
A great way to finish off the not with a decadent coffee

made in canada restaurant

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