Another Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection

Sometimes I don’t know what “scenario” I am going to have my subjects in when I complete the final images.  Sometimes though, it will come to me when the shutter clicks or when they pose in a certain way.  I knew right away that I wanted to add something with musical notes as the pose Stephanie was in reminded me of the begging of a dance performance or recital.  The way she was looking down at the floor and way her dress was feathered on either side was a compliment to the way she was standing.  After that it all sort of fell into place.  We only have a few slots for our Pin-Up Day and it is first come first server.  Check out all the detail at Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection Day

Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection

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One Response to “Another Sudbury Pin-Up Perfection”

  1. Kristy Roberts Photography Says:

    Hodgy, I love your pin-ups! Keep it coming…I love how you always have new and fresh ideas!

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