Sudbury Summer Family Portraits

Well the weather is getting warmer, the ice is coming off the lakes and the yellow grass will soon be turning green.  Along with the mosquitoes and blackflies it’s also the starting of our outdoor family portrait sessions.  Joce and I LOVE creating beautiful family portraits, especially on location where we can all feel relaxed, comfortable and enjoy some summer fresh air.  Personally, and this is my opinion, but I think EVERY family should have up to date family portraits on the walls in their homes, offices, and cottages (anyplace where people can enjoy the image).

Your kids may be leaving for College or University, heck they might already be gone and the only family photo on the wall was from 1982.  Next time the whole family is back home together book a family portrait session so you can have these images to enjoy in between the visits.  A family portrait can mean more to the people involved than you probably realize.  It might not be today, tomorrow, or even next week, but when they get older,  looking back at that family portrait will bring back all the memories they had at that time of their life, and yours too.

Sudbury Family Portraits

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