I focus on the future (Hodgy Humour)

MAYBE, I should focus 4 feet in front of me.  I am in Edmonton on our NoBs Tour and Rob is speaking at the moment.  I am sitting here………my face hurts………..and my knee hurts even more (painfull to walk), but I am a tough cookie, and I will present in 2hrs like nothing happened.    I WISH I had video of this as it is freakin funny, but this one will have to do and if you use your imagination you can picture it actually happening.

Here is some more Hodgy Humour for ya. Monday morning when Rob and I were driving to T.O we stopped at the Petro/Starbucks in Parry Sound.  As Rob was pumping gas and I was reading he opens the door and says “Hey, there’s Bill!”.  I like up and sure enough Bill the Dj was just getting into his car.  I JUMPED out of the car and sprinted towards the car (sneakily).  Just as Bill was about to close the car door, I push it open yelling “GET THE $%&(@#%* OUT OF THE CAR!” with my imaginary “hand” gun.  Well Bill FLIPPED OUT………………because it wasn’t Bill.  I turn to see Rob peeing himself laughing.

Then, at about 3:30 am today I get up to use the bathroom.  Just as I was about to walk in Abbas was walking out (in his underroos).  I scream like a girl and say “Crap Abbas, you scared the bejesus out of me” and I look away (cuz he’s in his underroos) waiting for him to go by.  But he doesnt.  And I am getting uncomfortable.  Until I realize that it is my reflection in the bathroom door mirror. DUHHHHH!

That’s it for the moment.  Now I need to get heavily medicated.


P.S  Did you notice the big red goose-egg on the top part of my for-head?  Watch the video again.

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2 Responses to “I focus on the future (Hodgy Humour)”

  1. Cheryl Elliott Says:

    OMG – Im sitting in Starbucks…..by myself and read your post about your stop in Parry Sound and I am laughing so hard, tears are streaming down my face and now I have an audience!! lol

  2. mom Says:

    Nice one james. They should have a safty stripe on that window// the glass Man//

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