2 Key Ingredients To A Finished Image

I am working on a canvas wall sample for my home and I thought I would share with you the thought process and the before/after of the finished product.  I get emails and phone calls ALL the time asking me how I workflow my images or how do I get my colors in my  photo’s to pop.  Anyone can pick up a camera and take a great picture, digital has opened the door for a whole new bread of photographers.  I still get surprised though when “photographers” ask me about the 2 most important elements in creating a great photo.  Exposure & White Balance.  If you master these two elements, then you have won 90% of the battle.  Fortunately for those of you that don’t have it mastered yet, there are numerous plugins, and color overlays that you can apply to your image to make it look like you “ment to do that”.  Anyways, back on track.   With the below image I took in Belize I already had the finished image in mind.  I knew that I wanted a long panorama canvas print (around 40 inches) for my wall.  The way the clouds were formed in the sky, the broken down dock with it’s leading lines into the shack.  All I needed was good composition, good white balance and a perfect exposure with my trusted P&S Canon G11

Sudbury photography

Like my presentation in Chicago on Elements of a Competition Print I want to focus your attention on the subject matter which is the dock and the shack.  Darkening down the sky and foreground  will bring your focus to the shack using the leading lines of the dock. All the elemnts were present in my original image, I just used some quick workflow to enhance them.  The key to a great digital image is to not “fix your image in photoshop” but to “enhance what is already there.”


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  1. Michelle Hoto Says:

    As usual, this is just Awesome James!!!

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