Fathers Day Favorites was a HIT!

Well the feedback so far is unanimous.  Those that took part in our Fathers Day Event “Fathers Favorites” are telling us that Dad’s LOVED their fathers day presents, and why wouldn’t they?  We must tell you that it was a lot of fun photographing your kids again, it’s amazing how big some of the have gotten.  We are THRILLED that the dads enjoyed their images.  We also had to laugh at some of the excuses you had to tell dad to get your kids away without being overly noticeable hahaha, covert ops and Hodgins photography LOL

I thought I would show off your kids to everyone else since they are all beautiful and handsome.  Thanks again everyone.

Mom told dad that she was helping in  the kids classroom that day, so if he needed her to call the school. Of course the teacher would tell him that she was busy and would call him back later.  Nice!

Sudbury Photography

Sudbury photography

Sudbury photography
Mom was taking yearly pictures in the backyard (in case the kids said something)

Sudbury Photography
These 2 boys had a dentist appointment.

Sudbury Photography
Dad saw the charge on the Credit Card, but mom quickly said that we were having a great deal on family portraits and she couldn’t pass it up.  Hmmmm maybe we will.

Sudbury Photographer

These girls were off to an impromptu dance lesson.
Sudbury Photographer

This dad is just clueless all the time hahaha, just kidding Jamie.

Sudbury Photographer
Sudbury Photographer

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2 Responses to “Fathers Day Favorites was a HIT!”

  1. Cindy and Gaston Says:

    I must say, Gaston loved the pics. The girls were soooo excited, lovin every minute of it, i think they would get some pictures taken with you monthly! It was fun, a good idea, and a whole lot of memories came back that day for me. Since you captured our special day 3 years ago, we concidered you family, and will always have both your names included in the same breath of our wedding stories. You are both very special people, and we do not take any of our time with you for granted. Thanks Joce and James, for being you.

  2. mom Says:

    Just gorgeous James ! I wish someone had come up with that idea when you were a little one, but they would have had to catch you first.

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