Lesley And Sav Are Now Married – A Sudbury Wedding

Lesley and Sav were married this past June 19th (on my birthday) here in Sudbury Ontario.  We met Lesley and Sav a few years ago when they came to our studio inquiring about our wedding photography.  I met Sav a few years ago before that at my good friend Jeff’s wedding (Sav is Jeff’s brother in Law).  The guys were in full form as they consisted of family members  so hanging out  laughing, boasting and the “odd” posing we clicked off some images in the downtown area.  We headed across town to Long Lake were met Lesley & Girls.  Lesley had the perfect yard for images of her and her girls with some trees, shade and long Country road.   When Lesley walked down the isle all eyes were on her (some were on Sav) as she just radiated elegance.  The Church was bright, open & hot but there was lots of room to roam around and capture some different angles.  We then roamed around the Sudbury Area finding some nooks and crannies to capture the bridal party and the new married couple.  Murphy showed his ugly head again, but we used it to our advantage (inside joke).  The Caruso Club looked amazing and everything was perfectly placed and orchestrated.  Lesley and Sav opted for their first dance right away upon entering (something 90% of our couples now do) and with the atmosphere the Club projected it was one for the books.   Here are a few images from their wedding.  We look forward to reading your comments.

Thanks again Lesley & Sav.  Joce and I had a great time documenting your wedding day.  We look forward to future sessions with you.

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