Natural Light Babies Are The Best

Having discussions on Natural light photography on our NoBs Blog and Forum I am always reminded just how beautiful natural light can be.  Off Camera Flash is fine and dandy for “some” photographs if the type of portrait created can benefit from OCF (this is something I see too many photographers using just for the sake of using it, and the photographs are not what they could be).

I headed back out to my cottage yesterday to photograph my other cousins little one Sadie.  We photographed Sadie last August in our Studio using lights and softboxes but yesterday I did not have that equipment with me, all I had was my camera and lens and therefore opted to use natural light.  Now with natural light you can’t just expect to place your subject anywhere and have flattering light.  You need to “find” the light, know the quality, the direction and where to put your subject so that the subject can benefit from that light.

The below image was created using some open shade that was created with a bank of trees behind Sadie.  Lighting was coming across the tops of the trees but giving a soft even light in the spot where I wanted to photograph.  She was sitting on the side of a small fountain which had a very light bottom, reflecting light back up into my subject acting as a natural reflector.    Sometimes Natural light is the easiest light to use, but it does require some technical thought to get the most out of it.

sudbury photographer

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One Response to “Natural Light Babies Are The Best”

  1. Claudette Leblanc Says:

    You’re technical thought was spot on. Plus the fact she is looking at a pink flower just adds to your artful work.
    Love the soft natural light on the fern behind her. To the matching blue color of her dress and bucket The end result, pure art at it’s best. Congrats.

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