Hi. My name is Ashley and this is NOT my wedding dress.

Well we had a great day at NSI today and I could not be happier with my class.  What an amazing group of people I have this year.  Today was mixed bag of tricks and I had to juggle a few different scenarios today due to some unforseen circumstances, but I tried to jam pack the day in with as much information I spew forth in 12 hours.  We started the morning off with everything about weddings, interaction with clients, building trust and a relationship with your clients, 5 essential poses for couples & bride & grooms, basic off camera flash techniques, slideshows, a quick studio portrait with no explanation, and how “not” to use a GPS correctly.  This was just the first day.

We had the most amazing couple from Toronto that volunteered to model for us today so we quickly went into the 5 essential poses (which can be done in 5 minutes), right into a wedding dress to show some quick off camera flash teqniques, and then right into a studio for a quick portrait.  Ashley & James were amazing being very patient with our whole group and allowing each of the students to get the shots they wanted.  Most of the time I didn’t even have to pose them.  I was talking to my students explaing what I was going to do next, I turn around and there we have it, they were in a perfect pose without even posing, without even knowing we were looking at them.  This couple were the PERFECT fit for each other.  James is Firefighter for Brampton and just finished his photoshoot for this years Brampton Fire Fighter Calendar.  Ashley owns and operates her own business  www.stage-of-art.ca Toronto Interior Designs, Home Staging, and Decorating Ideas in the GTA with great success but both managed to find the time and accomadate me and my students here at NSI.  Thanks again Ashley & Jamie, it was VERY much appreciated, and the both of photograph amazing well together.

Here are a few images from todays class folks.  It’s 1:00 am, and I need to get some much needed sleep.

Sudbury Photographer

Sudbury Photographer
Sudbury Photographer
Sudbury Photographer
Sudbury Photographer
Jamie didn’t have an outfit to wear with the wedding dress that was provided for Ashley, but he did bring his bunker gear, so we I offered to photograph him in the gear for something different.

brampton fire fighters calendar
And of course…..the gang

niagara school of imerging

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