Ashley & Chris Are Now Married

What  a hot one today wasn’t it?  The weather wasn’t bad neither.  We just came back from photographing the wedding of Ashley & Chris.    These two literally completed each other right before our eyes.  We photographed Chris and the guys this morning downtown and then hooked up with Ashley and the girls atthe Fairmont in New Sudbury.  Both of them were very excited today, you could just see the “giddiness” oozing out of them (Ashley you could literally see as she gave me that Giddy smile every once in awhile).  It wasn’t until we arranged the meeting of the two before the ceremony where you could just see how well they complimented each other.  Even though the ceremony was a few hours away just being in each others arms seemed to bring them to a very calm (yet excited) state.    It was a blast photographing this couple and we created some outstanding images.  Ashley even joined in with my “the happy photo dance” routine as we went along.  Photogs you know the one.  You capture an image, you look at the screen, and then you start doing the happy photo dance because the image rocks.  Ashely even did the happy photo dance for me during the ceremony just because she was having so much fun.

They are flying off to St. Lucia first thing in the morning and staying at a resort that is IMO one of the best on the island.  Joce and I visited the same resort the second time we were there.  I sure hope they have as much fun and excitement on their honeymoon in St.Lucia as Joce and I did.

Thanks again Ashley and Chris for an amazing day with you, your family and your friends.  See you when you get home.


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