Meeting Other Photographers

One thing  I like about our industry is that you get to meet some great people from all over.  I find it very easy to get along with other photographers because we all have the same interest……  Curt O’Neil found my website by association with my other photographer friend Mark Ridout.  Mark photographed Curt’s wedding last year, and when he noticed my website mentioned on Mark’s blog, he decided to email me and say “what’s up?’  Being a fellow photographer I told Curt to give me a holler the next time he is in our area and we would get together and hang out.  And it’s exactly what we did.  I thought I would write this blog while Curt was here and set it up to post later this afternoon when I  drop him back off at his car.  What a great day we had talking shop, comparing weddings and marketing strategies.  I feel like I did all the talking and never gave him a chance to speak, but it’s because I have soooo much to say right?  We hit it off right from the start, like two peas in a pod we was.  It’s friendships like this that make me thankful that I am a photographer.  You just can’t put into words what good friends are all about.  What a great guy Curt is.   I am truly enjoying the conversation we are having right now in my back yard.  Even as I type this he is getting something from his car, a gift of some sort I guess.  He said “be right back James, I have present for you.”  I wonder what it is?  Anyways, I better get off the computer before he (*&*()&YJl;lk[0


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8 Responses to “Meeting Other Photographers”

  1. Dan Payton Says:

    Funny…. I thought it was kind of a weird picture then I read the story above. It made me laugh especially after I really took in the goofy ass smile on your face! Great lighting and composition.

  2. Cole B Says:

    Hee hee!

  3. Jillian Says:

    awesome james, I couldn’t stop laughing at this one! i love it. next time you’re in this area (or next summer when I come for a visit) we should have my kids attack you 🙂
    .-= Jillian´s last blog ..says it all cobourg photographer =-.

  4. curtoneil Says:

    One Sudbury photographer down… X number to go.
    .-= curtoneil´s last blog ..Rachel and Ryan – Awesome Booth Sneak Peek =-.

  5. TJ McDowell Says:

    Do you ever hang out with other photographers from your local community or do you see that as breaking the rules of local business competition?
    .-= TJ McDowell´s last blog ..Increase Website Traffic By Posting Wedding Pictures Online =-.

  6. jameshodgins Says:

    We ALWAYS hang out. Of course, there are some that “wont” hang out and talk shop, like they are afraid that we will steal their photography and lighting secrets, IMO they are just scared of competition. We have a pretty good group of photographers in our area and for the most part we all get along great and try to help each other out when we can. It’s a good business practice to know the other photographers in your area, don’t treat them as competition, but as colleagues.

  7. TJ McDowell Says:

    Same for us. I think earlier on in our business, we were a little stand-offish about hanging out with other local photographers. Our thinking changed, though, and now we have a lot of local photographer friends.
    .-= TJ McDowell´s last blog ..Wedding Photography Tips To Get Amazing Images =-.

  8. John Wills Says:

    Great image James 🙂
    We have started a group, in my area , of photographers and we meet once a month to help each other grow and make our businesses stronger. I do get some photographers that have no interest in helping others but we have a great group willing to share information and talk shop…..along with havign a couple “pops” and eating good food 🙂
    .-= John Wills´s last blog ..Guelph High School Senior Photography =-.

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