Crappy School Pictures Are Back

That’s right, it’s that time of year again when all your kids get those gawd awful crappy school pictures.  Why would you pay for those I ask?  Because they are cheap right?  Of course they are, they are cheap because they look cheap.  It’s the same thing for each kid right? Sit, look here, click.  That’s it!.  You look at your kids school picture and you really can’t tell what he or she is like.  It’s not relaxing, it’s not fun.  While we were photography Taylors Senior Pics I was talking to her little sister Raegan about how she was enjoying school and such.  Her mom and I got on the topic of school pictures (that I instigated) and how they suck and stuff so I decided to grab a quick shot of Raegan so that she has “something” of a good quality photograph of her daughter.  So, we are thinking again of having a “Crappy School Picture Day” at our studio.  If anyone is interested please fire off an email to me and we will see what we can  put together.  I promise that your kids image will be awesome, it will be quick, the session will be fun, and the packages extremely affordable (so much that you will WANT to do this)

Sudbury School Pictures

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One Response to “Crappy School Pictures Are Back”

  1. TJ McDowell Says:

    HA! That cracks me up. The only good news about terrible school pictures is that you’re not the only one who’s picture looks awful.
    TJ McDowell´s last blog post ..Canon 5D Mark III Feature Wishlist

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