If your a professional, and your face is part of your business image, then why not make it the best it can be?  Over and over I see a lot of Business Portraits or headshots that are just….well…….CRAP!. (Read my blog post on why so many business portraits look cheap) If your idea of a business portrait is to stand up against a wall and have  a friend snap a picture of you, then what does that say about your business? Don’t go the cheap road, (yes I said cheap, because that is what it is), get a professional business portrait made. In the end it pays for itself.   Our Business Portrait Sessions start at $199 but for our “HEADSHOT DAY EVENT” we are giving it away for $59.99.

If you are interested send us an email and we will let you know first before we open up this event to the masses.
More info to come. STAY TUNED!

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