Sudbury Couple Session

Serge & Michelle wanted to take there relationship to the next level, so they booked us for a “Sudbury Couples Session” so that they could have another way to celebrate their relationship.    They discovered this great place between Blezzard and Val Caron that had some amazing walking trails, clearings and beach sand access.  While we were finishing up the session and heading back towards our cars I was impressed with the way the patch lead between rows of birch trees.  Birch trees are not something I like to have in the photo as they are very distracting because of how white and contrasty they are with everything else, but this scene really was something to see.  The sunlight was coming from our left and behind us cross lighting the trees.  Any other time of day this scene would not have this impact.  Anyways, it was a great way to finish off their session.



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