Your Business Photography FACE LIFT special.

WARNING: The Photography You are Using Could Be doing More Harm Than GOOD! It’s true. People perceive and make snap judgments based on the images you show them.  It’s not fair, and not accurate, but it’s a fact. Why Would Anyone Want To Send A Message That Says Low Quality, Snap Shot And Sub-Standard?  I see this day in and day out, in the malls, on billboards, websites even facebook.  I guarantee that some people will look at your company with  a different point of view.  You can have the most amazing building  but if the washroom is dirty, cluttered and just doesn’t look inviting, it will reflect on the rest of the building.The same thing applies to the images you use for your marketing and promotions.

But alas, you need not worry, because I am here to save the day Dun Dun DAAAAAAA!!!!!  For the month of April James Hodgins Photography is offering a Business Photography FACE LIFT Special for only $499.  Check out all the details on this special event on the FACE LIFT PROMO PAGE.  If you have any questions, just give us a shout or email.

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