Family Portraits In The Park.

Was at the park yesterday photographing the Moore family and was surprised at how many leaves have already fallen in the last week.  I suspect the fall colors will be around for about maybe 2 more weeks and then it’s leave raking time.   We might be picky on the clothes, we might be pick on the time of day, and we might even be picky on the location, but that because we know what works, and what works well for us.  When everything comes together like this, we can create some memorable, fun loving, eye catching images like the one below.  We had  a great time with Liisa, Phil & Wyatt (yup, this kid has the ULTIMATE name) and we managed to create some outstanding images as Wyatt just kept smiling and smiling. Thanks again Moore family, for allowing us to create some family portraits for you.

“Tickle Tickle”

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