Portrait Of The Professor

Today I had the great privilege of photographing  Louis L’Allier PhD  Associate Professor, Classical Studios at Laurentian University.  Louis needed a photograph of himself to grace the next cover of   www.avoslivres.ca/magazine.  He also wanted something for himself to use as his own bio pic on the back of his published books and works.    Louis picked a great room attached to the L.U’s Library that provided some great ambient light along with some warm incandescent backlight.  I opted to mix the ambient with some Off Camera Flash to create an image where Louis would “pop” out of the frame, but still have the background compliment the rest of the image without being distracted.  I’m not sure which image the magazine will use for their cover, but the below image is one that Louis and Myself liked for his own use.  The book in the portrait is a  very old (hundreds of years) Greek Book that is part of the Greek History Louis Loves and teaches.

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2 Responses to “Portrait Of The Professor”

  1. Another Professor Says:

    Great shot but a book? Does anyone use that anymore?

  2. jameshodgins Says:

    The book is Greek and is hundreds of years old. It’s part of the history he teaches. 🙂

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