You Want To Sell Beautiful Homes?

You want to sell big beautiful homes and properties?  Then start with getting big beautiful photos!  This is what my recent client did to get more traffic to her listing.  Not that everyone would hire a helicopter for aerial shots, but if you have a high priced listing then you want to get it sold as soon as possible.  Having outstanding images is one of the key factors to have more views to your listings. If it didn’t……………..then my clients wouldn’t hire me again now would they?

Here are a few from one Estate

049Far & Away050Far & Away 039Far & Away 035Far & Away 020Far & Away 015Far & Away Sudbury real estate

Sitting Area 4 Sitting Area 2 Sitting Area 1 Outside9 Master Bedroom3 Master Bedroom1 Kitchen2 Kitchen1 Garage5 Garage3 Dinning DiningArea Deer Billiardroom3 Billiardroom1 Bedroom4

Sunroom2 Sunroom1 103Far & Away 102Far & Away 100Far & Away 097Far & Away 096Far & Away 094Far & Away 090Far & Away 089Far & Away 079Far & Away 070Far & Away 068Far & Away 060Far & Away 053Far & Away

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