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Maternity Portrait

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Michelle wanted something different for her Maternity Portrait so she came in with these props and clothes for the vintage look.


Bellies & Buckles

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

We had a bigger belly contest the other day at our studio.  Natalie won.


Outdoor Sudbury Maternity.

Friday, November 4th, 2011

This afternoon we headed outdoors with Natalie & Dean to create some memorable maternity images that had more of an artistic feel to them.  Armed with our winter jackets (should have had mitts and a toque) we roamed from the studio to bell park with a few stops along the way finding different nooks and crannies that we could get this couple to snuggle and keep each other warm.    The last one (the one below) is more of an environmental maternity that we photographed  at the waters of  Bell Park just as we were wrapping up the session.  Thanks again Natalie & Dean.  With you two in the Hodgins Photography books and your 3 dogs, we look forward to meeting your newest addition to your family.


Maternity On FIRE!

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

We just finished Darcie’s Fire Hot Maternity session a little while ago in the studio.  You might remember Darcy from her Firefighter Calendar Shoot we did last year for the Sudbury Fire Fighters.  Well, in true Firefighter spirit, Darcie wanted something different for her session, so she brought in her bunker gear and her belly and we set fire to the studio to get this shot.  Just joking.  We did however have to make this image the last, because after this, the studio was too smokey to continue.  It really didn’t matter as we got the image that she wanted in the first few shot.  Thanks Darcie for making this Maternity Session something “different”, and HOT!


Sudbury Maternity

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

When Chantal came in for her consultation she knew exactly what she wanted for her maternity session photos.  This made my job a lot easier and the session flew by quickly.  So quickly that her husband and I rarely had a chance to talk fishing LOL.   Although we did wackload (that’s my word) of images, I find I am always drawn to this pose.  Thanks Chantal & Shawn allowing Joce and I to capture this precious moment in your lives.


Trying to achieve that artsy marternity.

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Since I wasn’t able to blog yesterday I thought I would add two more images from our last maternity session.  The goal for these images was to have a more “artsy”, “moody” feel to them and still keep them classy.  Images like these can be displayed as large wall canvas wall portraits if the client wanted to.  Keeping the images B&W also draws the viewers attention to the subject and not the colored fabric being used.


A Sudbury Baby On The Way.

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Alison, Stan & Mya just left the studio after photographing Alison’s Maternity session.  I think most of the session was Stan and I comparing fishing stories, but in between our discussions we managed to capture some unique images of Alison.  We had a great session with this glowing mom 2 be (second time around) and we look forward to meeting the new addition arrives.


Another Sudbury Baby Arriving Soon

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Last night Julie and Jason visited our studio to document the final stage of Julies Maternity.    They both had an idea of what they wanted and Julie expressed her love for B&W images and some of the samples we have on our website.  Immediately after clicking the shutter I knew were going to create some stunning images.  The two of them fit well together and both seemed very relaxed and comfortable in front of my camera (this is something that Joce and I try very very hard to accomplish with our clients).  They even had the perfect height difference although sometimes we had to take Jason’s shoes off to reduce a few inches.  This is a very special time in a couples lives and maternity sessions are not for everyone, but the clients that come to our studio and let us go with the flow of the session always leave with an enjoyable experience.

When we were done we brought in their first born “Brandy”.  Now this kid ran around the whole studio, poking her nose in everything she could, was just the happiest thing you ever did see.  So of course I had create one of our unique Dog Day style portrait.

Thanks again Julie & Jason, it was great to meet you both and we truly enjoyed the session, Brandy was also a great addition to the session.


More Maternity From A Sudbury Studio

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Here are a few more images from a recent maternity.  This is a very delicate time in a woman’s life and the key to capturing beautiful maternity images is trust.  Your client HAS to feel comfortable.  Not only in front of the camera, but in front of you as well.  Joce and I have made this a huge priority in our studio, to take the time to get to know our clients, figure out exactly what they want as far as final images and product, and learn how they react to being in front of the camera.  I love photographing this stage in a woman’s life.  It is so elegant, beautiful, and rewarding (when you see the expressions on their faces when you show them the images).  For you expecting mothers out there, don’t be afraid to call our studio and talk to Joce about our maternity sessions.  We have a huge variety of products that you might not have thought about that can be beautifully displayed in your home.  The second image below will be a 30 inch wall canvas in our studio. 🙂

sudbury maternity photosudbury maternity photo
sudbury maternity photo


More Maternity Sessions In Sudbury

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Today we had the beautiful  Carly  in our studio today for her 8 month maternity session.  From highkey to lowkey we covered it all and we came away with some outstanding images.  She was so graceful in front of the camera, a true natural.   Thanks again Carly and Jeff for coming into our studio and allowing us to create these memorable images for you.  We look forward to photographing your new addition to the family.

Sudbury Maternity Photos

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