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Vegas Inspired Pin-up Perfection

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Well I just got back from WPPI Vegas and it was a blast.  We networked, we played, and we got inspired.  I will have more on Vegas on Monday when I work the images and get the stories straight as some of them I can’t remember hahaha.  I did however want to get right back into my Sudbury Pinup Perfection so I can hone my skills further.  The below image was shot last week, but the background was inspired from a walk in the malls in Vegas.  We checkout some pretty cool stores that had even more  interesting signage.    Stay tuned for more Sudbury Pinup Perfection.

Sudbury Pinup Perfection


Congratulations Jillian Bickle!!!!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

I would like to take this post and dedicate it to my good friend and fellow photographer Jillian Bickle.  You might remember Jillian from our backdrop wars posts (she bought that gawd awful ugly backdrop that I named “Pigeon Poop” where I challenged her to make good use out of it….she failed. 🙂  BUT, she HAS succeeded in growing her photography business to the point where she is opening up her very own studio in Howard, Ontario just outside of Cobourg.  Her and her husband Nathan have been working around the clock these past few weeks to get things done and ready for her opening tomorrow (wish I could be there).  It has been a true honor to watch her grow over the past few years, learning, practicing, and even teaching (although she does not realize it) her photography skill…………with twin girls, a son, and new member coming soon as well.  Congratulations Jillian, you deserve the best and Joce and I wish you nothing but success.

Here are some images she has posted.

kids 078.jpgkids 079.jpg

kids 073.jpg

kids 065.jpg

kids 071.jpg

As you can see, the Pigeon Poop Backdrop is nowhere to be seen. 🙂


Matt Get’s “Hodgypopped.”

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Now that I am back at work, I need to finish up the last few galleries for 2009.   Matt is my stepbrother so I can take all the time I want hahaha (just kiddin Matt)   Here is a quick grab I captured just as Matt was in mid laugh, totally being Matt! .  Many more cool shots to come from the Matt Pack Session.

Here is another of Matt and the pack.



Suckered In To Goofing Around

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Here is another image from the “Matt Pack” Session.  This was nearing the end, after they found the bag of wigs and accessories.  There are more and I will post them when we get back to work (still kinda on holidays). Unlike other “HodgyPoP” sessions, this image was shot with this background and lighting.  She was not cutout in PS and pasted into the frame.  Lighting is my usual  5 light setup.



Home For Holiday Photos

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Matt, Reem &  Shannon come to Sudbury for the Holidays and not 24 hours in the Sudz they headed over to our studio to create some new images to take back home.  I don’t think I have ever seen our studio this cluttered with clothes hahaha.  We spent a few hours photographing each of them individually and then we worked our way into a bunch of group photos.  I will start this blog series with these 3 images and later over the holidays I will post more (they tend to get more odd as time went by:) )  It was so much fun with loads of energy flowing through the shooting room (not to mention some kick butt tunes… Thanks Reem I am downloading from Itunes as I type).  Stay tuned for more images of the Matt Pack.



Mother & Son. Sometimes Simple Is Better.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Here is one from today’s session.  After photographing the whole family we did some  additional images of different groupings.  I framed this image in camera with the negative space to our left to draw your attention into my subjects.  Something so simple, with zero distractions, sometimes make the best portraits.   Even adding borders, brushes, overlays or anything else would distract from the connection mother and son have in this image.  The moment the shutter released I knew this was the image I wanted to share with you all.  As photographers, we tend to get distracted with new technology, new software  blah blah blah (I am included with these people) and focus more on the gimmicks than we actually do about “photography”.  As my title states “Sometimes Simple Is Better”.  Thanks again Tanya & Jeff for allowing us to photograph your family and latest addition, we look forward to creating more images of your full family this summer.

Sudbury Baby Photography


Sudbury Photographer Meets Sudbury Musician

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

sudbury musician

Today I had the pleasure of photographing singer/songwriter Jamie Byron.  I first met Jamie several years ago when he was releasing his first album.  We had a great photoshoot at my downtown studio in which afterwords we headed outdoors for a more “Urban” feel.  He is now about to launch his new CD “Dreamin’ Don’t Get It Done” in the next few months.  What a great title.  It’s the truth isn’t it?  Dreaming don’t get it done.  It’s hard work, passion, and perseverance  that gets things done.  We can associate this title with anything and everything, no matter what you do or who you are.

Check out Jamie’s MySpace site and listen to some of his music at Jamie Byron Music.   Also on his myspace site you can check out some  live video from the Northern Ontario Country Fest 2009 where he sings “Dreamin’ Don’t Get It Done”. The image to the left was just a quick “headshot” using my windowlight in my studio.  Stay tuned for session images for his new CD.


I have the power!

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Well I am all set to get back into the grind and start pumping out more kickbutt images.  I had a great week at our Inferno Convention and I came home motivated and drained at the same time.  I now have taken a few days off doing nothing but Xbox and Quading (Thank you Mr. Kinsella) and today I gutted my work station and recreated a workstation “Suite”.  I found that I didn’t have enough desktop space to really get into multitasking.  Too many things todo and not enough space to do them in all at once.  Well that isn’t the problem anymore.  I upgraded my desktop to a AMD Phenom II x 4 processor with 8 gigs of ram and Windows 7 64 bit system with dual monitors (soon to be triple).   I have now installed versions of all my workflow software and increased my arsenal with a few new additions that I have been planning on purchasing for a while.  So starting tomorrow, it’s back to the grind and posting every day (or close to it).  Once I get my video editing software installed I will be posting more from our inferno.  Here is a quick snap of my new workstation.

Note: No staples employees were harmed in the making of this workstation.

Sudbury Photography Workflow


SudburyPhotography || A Week Of Family, Babies & Kids

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Wow, what a week we had outdoors and in the studio.  Nothing but family, babies & kids, consultations, seminars, crapshoots and traveling.   We really don’t mind times like this when we are busy creating wall portraits for our clients.  Here are to images from 2 sessions we photographed today.   Like we have stated in previous posts it’s amazing  to watch our photography come full circle, as we are now photographing weddings, the maternity the family and hopefully in the future the future weddings.  We love documenting the different stages in a couples life and we feel very blessed that that we have the clientele we have.  So thank you all for allowing us to create these memories for you and your family.

Sasha would not sit still for very long but I did snag this one image after she crawled out of frame.

Sudbury Family Photographer
You watch, you see how they interact, turn a bit, a bit more DON’T MOVE!

Sudbury baby studio


The Sudbury Photographer Is Heading Home

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

We had a fabulous time presenting to the Professional Photographers Of Ontario Western Branch yesterday at Calla Studio.  We had a big turn out, met some new people, ate some great food, and provided some money making ideas.  I always learn something when I present or teach, and of course this time was no exception.  When you share your knowledge with others it always comes back to you in some way.  I have experienced this over and over.  Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday, I look forward to talking to you all in the future.

Sudbury Photography Seminar
The day before yesterday, before we had our crapshoot, I had the chance to photograph one of Tina’s Clients.  I decided to present a more “classic” style portrait as her blonde hair, blue eyes would be striking.

Sudbury Photography Seminar
These are very simple portraits to create in studio and I hope to create more in our studio when we get back home.

Till next time

Your Sudbury Photographer (Hodgy)

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