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It’s almost TTD time!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

As I was preparing my presentations for our Cross Canada NoBs Tour tomorrow I came across some old TTD sessions.  As I was going through the images checking them out again, I decided to grab a few more and add them to the show.  As the weather is warming up, the ice is leaving the lakes and the grass is turning greener, the TTD season is once again coming to life.  With our schedule nearly booked for this summer it is better to call ahead and get something in the books now than wait a month before you want to do it.  I am looking forward to implementing some new looks and products to our 2010 TTD sessions.

Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury TTD


We love getting mail.

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Especially when it is from our clients. We just received this wonderful card from Melissa & Eric. I scanned it below.

sudbury wedding & engagement
Over the past few years we have managed to capture a variety of images of Melissa & Eric.  Starting with their engagement shoot.


Then this past summer we documented their wedding

and then later this summer we did Mels Trash The Dress.

Trash the Dress sudbury
Joce and I truly feel that when you hire  a photographer for your wedding, you are not just having someone show up at your wedding and take photos.  In reality, and if you chose right, you are hiring YOUR photographer for the rest of your life.  A photographer that will be there to document the important moments in your life.

Thanks again Mel & Eric for the card.  We look forward to our future photography sessions together.


More Sudbury Trash The Dress

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Here are some more images from Melissa’s Trash The Dress Session we did.  As I stated in the previous post we did have some difficulty locating water for her to get her dress wet.  What I did not mention was tha we did find some pretty cool spots while we were roaming around God’s

Sudbury Trash The Dress

Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury Trash The Dress
Sudbury Trash The Dress


Yes, the dress does get wet.

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Last night we had Melissa’s Trash The Dress Session.  You might remember Melissa from my previous blog post where I presented some of her gorgeous wedding images (see here).  We decided to head out to the St. Charles area to see if we could find some different locations to shoot and come up with a few creative images.  All was well as we had fields of of flower,s old shacks, fields with bails of hey, you name it, we found it.  Except for water.  Yes, there were lots of lakes and such, but none had that easy access to a beach or to a weed free area.  Alas, after the evening was winding down we bit down on the steeringwheel and headed to Alban where we knew ther was a small beach.  The 14.27 minute drive proved to be worth it as somone graciously placed a small dock in the water just for us to use for our TTD session.  They also conveniently placed an unsed (but new) sauna for Mel to change back into dry clothes when we were finished   Thanks again Mel for letting us document another chapter in your beautiful life.

Sudbury Trash The Dress


Regina, the city that rhymes with awards.

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Still here in Regina at the Professional Photographers of Canada Convention.  The prints have been scored and the results (so far) are in.  With over 800 entries all 4 of my images were accepted into the image salon and 2 of them scored “merit”.  What does this mean?  It means they were good. 🙂  Here are the images for PPOC 2009.  I will fill you in more after the awards banquette.  I would like to take this time to congratulate my good friend Joe of (who is sitting beside me right  now) for being nominated for Photographic Artist of the year 2009 .  I would also like to thank another good friend Julie Robichaud-Martin from who is nominated for Portrait Artist of the year.  CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!!!

“Laughing With Love”

Professional Photographer of Canada
“Cocktails & Tea”

Sudbury ontario photography
“Inspecting The Gears”

Ontario photographers

“How I Remembered My Mother”

Sudbury Ontario Portrait Photography

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