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Tracy & Ryan Are Getting Married

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Last night Jocelyne and I headed to the Valley to hook up with Tracy & Ryan for their engagement session.  Tracy was NERVOUS to say the least.  I have no idea why, she’s beautiful and has a gorgeous smile.  Paired up with her fiance Ryan we just couldn’t go wrong.  We immediately noticed that these two were not shy to kiss while being photographed.  As some couples swoop in for a quick “peck” like kiss, these two were the total opposite, and that’s what we love to see when photographing couples.  I notice that I am trying to capture those moments before I am actually about to take the image.  They might think that I am changing my camera settings or trying to find a new angle, but I am closely watching them waiting for that spontaneous moment where they are laughing, giggling or both.  These are the images that I LOVE to capture.


Sunny Sudbury Engagement

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The clouds were out yesterday and it looked like rain, but yesterday evening turned out to be full of sunshine.  It was a perfect night for Leslie and Sav’s engagement session.  We love finding new spots in the New Sudbury area for photographing our engagements and you would be very surprised at some of these spots and just how small the area we are shooting in really is.  We always tell our clients “trust us”,  as we sometimes are looking for a background that is no larger than 5 ft wide.

I love using the edge of sunlight to rim our subjects hair and outlining their bodies.  Bringing in a reflector to lighten up the eyes is a must  in  my opinion and if you can’t see the catchlights then you need to move the subject or the reflector.    This was the second engagement session in a row where I got to talk about fishing (Leslie is another fish whisperer as well).  Nothing like throwing my 2 loves together.  If only I could have my own photography fishing show.  Ahhhh to dream. 🙂  Thanks again you two, we had a blast, looking forward to documenting your wedding which will be extra special as it will be my birthday.

Sudbury Engagement

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