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We are always the last ones to admire our own work.

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Since it’s a bit chilly outside today I thought I would start to create some artwork for my new Xbox Room (yes I have a room dedicated to Xbox and UFC in my new home).  I have traveled to many places, seen many things, but I find with digital, unless you print the images right away they tend to just stay on the computer or placed on DVD and archived.    So I just spent the last little while going through some fabulous memories and picked a few images to be displayed.    I wanted to keep them all B&W for a consistent theme and each image has a story to tell, so when you come over ask.  The first image is already hanging in our living room, it’s 50 inches in length and is an image I took in Belize last year.  I plan going through more of my past images and hopefully Jocelyne will let me hang them throughout the house.


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