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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Here is a my NOBSPBFFITW (No Bs Photography Best Friends Forever In the World) group shot that we just took here in Toronto.


Things are going to HEAT UP in T.O!

Monday, March 28th, 2011

This weekend starts off our annual NoBs Photo Success TM. Inferno Workshop Convention where we get to share ideas, techniques and strategies with our fellow NoBs Members.  Always a learning experience for everyone we are very excited to hang out with a large group of fellow photographers.



Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Last day of our  today and I am getting ready to present to the group.  The past 2 days have been amazing  with awesome speakers Like Danny Rabalais, Mike Long, Shannon Folton, Will Crocket, Nick Coury, Scott Crosby & William Foster.  Sometimes it get’s a little overwhelming when members come up to me telling me how much we have impacted their lives.  Sometimes I just don’t know how to respond, it seems like a smile and “your welcome” just doesn’t cut it.  It is also amazing to see the friendships that members have created with one another in our NoBs Community.  We all say “Friends for life” or something along those lines but again that really doesn’t cut it either.  I came up with my own version of this, and although it’s a little morbid (well that’s me) it does convey the meaning of “A friend for life”.  I look at these friends we have all made over the past years and I say to myself “Someday in the far far future, I will either be at your funeral, or you will be at mine.”  That is what a “Friend for life” means.  You know that they will be in your lives for a very long time.  Getting together for these workshops enrich our lives with not just photography but inspiration and thoughts of success.  I have rambled on enough here, I just want to publicly on my blog thank each and every member of NoBs.  YOU MAKE ME PROUD!

Here we are getting ready for our group shot.


The water was a little cold.



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