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Ramsey Lake Fall Family Portrait

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

The warm sun faded fast over Ramsey Lake while we were photographing the Keenan’s family portrait a few hours ago and standing waist deep in the water didn’t warm things up either.  Luckily this time I remembered to bring my hip waders in case I needed to go into the water……..which I did.  It’s the small things we do to get the proper angle for the shot.  Just like some of our previous family portraits with pets, I was jumping up and down, waving the arms, turkey calls and what not (I really need to videotape this), but in the end we got them to look at the camera.  And also like our other family sessions, we had a blast with the kids.  From throwing leaves in our faces to floating basketballs the Keenan kids got it going on, and we had a great time photographing them.  Whenever we finish photographing a family like this, we get in our cars and say “That’s why we do it!”  Thanks again Lisa & Scott for trusting us with your first family portrait!  It’s very much appreciated.


Playing Catch With The Kids

Friday, September 9th, 2011

As my previous post about family portraits, sometimes when you let the family have some fun you can capture some unique moments in their playtime. 🙂

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