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Evening Family Portrait

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

We had a great Family Portrait Session last night with the Huot family on their property in the French River Area.  We waited for the sun to go down behind the house and then I dawned my trusted hip-waders to get out into the water to capture this portrait.

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Lovin The Family Clusters.

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Playing around with some images from one of our recent family shoots.  After receiving several canvas clusters from our lab, I thought I would create one from this session.  Sometimes it’s not about having 1 big image for the wall, but clustering several images to occupy more space.  You can hang multiple prints strategically placed on the wall, or you can cluster them all together on “one” print that occupies the same space.  Soooo many possibilities.  I love showcasing the complete family this way.


Fall Family Portraits Are Here

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

We just finished creating some great family portraits for the Burton family at a great location near Val Caron.  The leaves have already started to turn (more have even dropped) fast and the window for great fall color family portraits is going to be a very very narrow one.  We have noticed the increase colors throughout the whole week while on family portrait sessions and tonight was no exception. Paul, Liz, Jack, Emma and Oliver were perfectly dressed for their outdoor family portraits and the white tops just complimented the colors of the background.   We love it when a family unit works well together, especially for portraits and the Burtons were on the ball…………even Oliver the best posed dog ever (you will see in future posts).


A Kids Laughter Is Always Contagious

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

We always take the time to photograph the kids individually while on a family session.  Most of the time it’s outdoors where the kids get to romp around and just be themselves.  Family members are all trying their best to get the child to laugh or smile, and most of the time it’s a great success.   You don’t have to have the kid looking directly at the camera to capture one of those “Kodak Moments”, all you need is good lighting, good exposure (you don’t need a good camera either), proper lens choice and kids smile to make it all complete.


The beauty of B&W.

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Well we recently finished photographing our Fathers Favorites Event for fathers day.  We would like to thank all the moms out their that lied to the dads to bring their kids out to be photographed (there was some good lies too, I will post them after fathers day haha).  Unfortunately I cannot post any of the photos just yet as that would ruin the surprise for the dads who’s kids we photographed, but I can show you the simple setup we used.  I photographed everything in B&W (in camera) as that was how we  promoted the final product.  This brings all your attention to the childs face and removes some of the distracting elements that might be in the background.  We photographed in open shade, a large reflector and a shoot through reflector to minimize shadows and smooth out the lighting.  You REALLY do not get much better than this as demonstrated by my beautiful wife Jocelyne.

Sudbury Photographer


A Family Portrait Will Bring You Closer.

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

It always does, because at some point in the session I like to get the family to squeeze together close!  The Land family just finished having their family portrait done at the studio and I must say they all looked GREAT!  We did the usual studio stuff, but the last shot in  my opinion was the one.   I personally think the below image shows the closeness of this family.  Thanks again Land family for having Hodgins Photography capture this memory.

Sudbury Family Portrait Photographer

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