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A Geraldton Wedding To Remember

Monday, July 5th, 2010

We just got back from documenting Julie & Derek’s wedding in Geraldton Ontario.  Where is Geraldton you ask?  Well it’s about 9 hours North of Sudbury past Hearst Ontario that’s where.     Like all my wedding days I start it off with a normal enough routine.  I wake up, have a coffee, relax a bit and watch the weather network.  This past Saturday I decided to do something different.  Normally I have my coffee first THEN I brush my teeth but Saturday I decided to brush my teeth first so I feel fresh and minty.  Now I know why I don’t do this.  After brushing for a few seconds I noticed that my toothpaste had a very menthol taste to it, and it was very very “Cinnamon” like taste.  Very cinnamon.  A few seconds more I notice that it’s a little hot and spicy as well.  As I am walking around the hotel room I am thinking, “I don’t remember my colgate tasting like this”.  After about 1 minute my mouth is burning so hot I just can’t take it anymore and I rush into the bathroom to see what I have just put in my mouth.  Well, turns out my “Icy Hot” Muscle Rub cream looks just like a toothpaste tube from the back.  I am now AWAKE.

Now that I started the morning off right, I check the weather to confirm the very hot and sunny day they forcasted…………yesterday.  Still says sunny on the WN channel, but of course, they have mislead me again, as it starts to downpour, and I don’t’ mean any downpour I mean let’s get the rods out and start fishing in the parking lot downpour.  Dang (well I didn’t use that terminology).  We head out to the resort wear the guys are staying and it’s still raining walley and pike.  We wait about 45 minutes and catch a quick break in the sky to get some cool shots of the guys and about 1 hr after that the skies opened up and we had the most gorgeous day for a wedding.  When we were just finishing up the last of the photos, the clouds came in, the thunder rolled and the rain started just as I was snapping off the last shot of the rings.  Talk about perfect timing.  Below is one image we captured taking advantage of the dark clouds in the background.

Sudbury Wedding Photography

Jocelyne and myself would like to personally  thank the Poulin and Wilkins family along with all your relatives, friends and bridal party.    EVERYONE was in such great spirits, full of smiles and very helpful and accommodating. THIS, in my opinion makes a wonderful event SPECTACULAR!  Gaetan  thank you very much for offering up your property for some of the photos it is very much appreciated.  Julie & Derek, thanks again for a great day, for a wedding like that, we would have traveled across the globe to do it all over again.

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