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Some Words Go A Long Way!

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

There is nothing like getting an email like the one below first thing in the morning.  Thank you Tanya!!!!

“Good Afternoon,

I just wanted to drop a quick line to give you huge kudos!!  I found out about your company through my family’s photographer, Studio G.R. Martin.  I have seen your name pop up on blog posts a few times and decided to check out your website.  Fantastic!!!!  As a lover of photography I enjoy seeing new ways to shoot, and love how you are always thinking outside of the box.

Guy, Julie & Joelle are pros at the crafts of photography, art, innovation, and imagination.  Each of the images that they produce are perfectly thought out, orchestrated and prepared.  I see many of these same qualities in your work.  Each of you know how to put people at ease, make the shoot fun, relaxing, like a day out with friends.  This is why you are all able to capture such great images, and why you all have customers that will come back to you time and again for all of life’s important moments (as well as moments where we want to feel good
about ourselves).

Having decided a few years before our wedding who we would like to have do the photography (Studio G.R. Martin of course!!!), we would occasionally look around at other photographers to check out current trends.  Nobody was ever up to the same level of artistry, mastership and sheer joy that you can find in photography.  And some were charging the same price or more for a significantly lesser quality image. Seeing your images beside those of Studio G.R. Martin, I know that true beauty can only be captured be a select few.  A Master Class.  Other photographers should look to you both for inspiration and to rediscover the heart that is required for stunning, timeless photography!!!  Thanks to you all, I am reminded why I love photography and though I may be an amateur I will continuously look to the Masters for tips on how to improve.  Thank you!!

Should you ever be in this area, I would be honoured to have a session with you or you and the Martin’s!!  Take care, keep up the good work and thank you for capturing life’s perfect moments.”

Tanya Baxter

It’ s funny timing as well, I just started reading “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie and I’m on the chapter about showing appreciation to others.  I think this one counts.

Check out our Friends Julie, Guy & Joelle, AMAZING Ottawa Photographers that Tanya was talking about.

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