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Hailey’s Ride Has More “Horse” Power Than Dan’s

Friday, October 15th, 2010

In my last post about Hailey & Dan’s engagement I add the pic of Dan’s ride. Well I think now I should add a pic of Hailey’s ride as well don’t you think?

engagement photography sudbury


Engagement Session With 2 Different Rides

Friday, October 1st, 2010

Yesterday Joce and I found ourselves on the outskirts of North Bay near Powassin Ontario photographing the engagement session of Hailey & Dan.  We were hoping the rain would hold off until we got there but it started just be before we arrived and quickly tapered off before the shoot.  This left the Country roads dark and wet and the leaves glistening with rain drops.    The idea was to photograph the couple with  Hailey’s horse and then some of them alone but since Dan had his bike with him I figured we should get an image with his ride as well.

North Bay Wedding Photography

As we were all wrapped up we decided to go check out the church that Hailey and Dan would be married in  Hailey’s mother and grandmother both were married in the same church so of course Hailey had to do the same.  The church is located in Powassin and it had some great shaded areas with loads of trees and architecture.   As Joce as getting some more details from the couple I thought I would scout around and see what I could come up with.

North Bay Wedding Photographer

Thanks again you two for an amazing session.  Joce and I had a blast catching up and exploring with you.  We can’t wait to show you some of the kickass images we created yesterday.  Looking forward to riding together and capturing more bike images. 🙂


Wedding Prices

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!.  Things are moving FAST for us and we are now booking for 2011
(we might have a few more weekends open so please call).

We want you to have a “stress free wedding”.  Go ahead and compare us to others, we encourage it, as we want you to be 100% sure that you want us to document your wedding, it’s true what they say “you get what you pay for”.  Don’t settle for a photographer that looks at your wedding day as a “job”, you want a photographer that  is fun, upbeat, and enjoys your day just as much as you do, and of course, get some kick-butt images to tell the story over and over.

Ask yourself what your wedding photography means to you. What will it mean to you after your wedding day?  This is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly, so take the time to get to know your photographer.  Ask your photographer a few key questions:

How long has he/she been in photographing weddings?
Are they experienced enough to handle any situation?
Does your photographer have a studio (for backup plans)
Does he/she belong to any professional associations?
Does your photographer do this full time or part time?
What happens if it rains? etc….

You want a photographer that has  have all of these issues covered.

Look over everything we have to offer on this page, and then give us a call so that we can meet and further discuss YOUR wedding day. We will answer any questions you may have.  We do require you to come in for a consultation as we want to answer all your questions in person face to face.

At the very bottom of the email, read some of our testimonials from our brides and grooms, their words speak for themselves.

Remember, you are not hiring a photographer to take your wedding pictures, your investing in a studio that will help make your day one that everyone can remember, flow smoothly and stress free, and have beautiful memories of one of the most important days of your lives.

Look over our packages that include your wedding day, and other portrait sessions and if you have any questions give us a call.

Here is the direct link to a PDF download of our packages.  Either click on it to view, or Right Click Save-As to download & Print

Hodgins Photography  Wedding Prices

To view a sample album layout click here:

Wedding Album Layouts

This file is in PDF format for your convenience of downloading and printing and is about 3mb big so be patient.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader (most computers are already equipped with this), here is a link to the free download, or, you can just call us at 705-693-0654 and we will mail you one directly.

Adobe Acrobat

With each wedding package, an engagement session and family portrait session (for both families) are included.

To view some Engagement images click here:

Couples Gallery

To view some Family Portraits, click here:

Family Gallery

We look forward to discussing your wedding day.

If you have any questions, please contact us at
705-525-1512 or email


James & Jocelyne.


James & Jocelyne

What can I say?!?!!  We haven’t gotten all of our photos yet but what we have seen is unbelievable.  Pat was not too sure of James’ style at first but once our engagement session was finished and he got to see what you do he loved it!!!  We both rave to all our friends and family what talent James has.  Pat says he makes him look like a GQ model HaHaHa!!! After we had finished shooting the day of the wedding Pat says we didn’t pay enough!!! ( Don’t let this comment influence a price hike J).  I can’t believe how comfortable you both made us feel and it felt like we’ve been long time friends and everything was natural

It’s a little over a week after our wedding and our teaser pod has come in so handy!!! We forgot all our pictures that people have given us in Sudbury with my parents…whereas with the teaser pod, we never leave home without it!!!!! ( it fits in my purse very nicely) It is such a convenient way to show people some of our photos and it gives them and US a hint of what will be coming, we couldn’t be happier and we can’t wait!!!!

Like I mentioned before Pat was such a skeptic and he thought the price was too much, but now he thinks almost (and I say almost!) any price is worth for James to work his magic!!! Pat is thinking of other events in our life that he’d like James to capture like our goddaughter as she will soon be one and she is just so cute!!!!

If we haven’t said it a million times already THANK YOU so much!!!!! The whole experience couldn’t have gone better.  Thank you Jocelyne for being my unofficial other brides maid!!! ( As I only had one) I love my sister but you just helped so much as well with my dress and other little things.  People had actually mistaken you for one of my best friends Sam Pelletier-Pellerin ( but she wasn’t at the wedding) and they got confused when you started helping James…J

We will keep in touch for sure for future events!!!! My parents have their 40th wedding anniversary coming up in three years maybe I should book you now!?!! HaHaHa.


Pat and Danielle Gladu

Read what one groom says about us from his wedding this past season:

“To anyone seeking a photographer, look no further!

When my wife Christine and I were setting the budgets for our wedding, one area that we both agreed should not be undervalued was the wedding photos. Our thinking was simply that these were not just photos, they are our memories. A friend of ours recommended Hodgins Photography, and I am glad he did. James and his lovely wife Jocelyne warmly answered any question we had over the phone and agreed to meet with us for a consult at our convenience. Christine and I decided that we would not only acquire their services but also let James give us some direction as to how to fit the photo session into our wedding day. Needless to say, this left us feeling very at ease and the entire photo taking experience passed by effortlessly.  James and Jocelyne exceeded my expectations, and I have received nothing but the most envious of compliments from every single person that has viewed the photos. James truly possesses a remarkable talent for his craft and I would strongly recommend that any person seeking a photographer not only acquire his services, but also allocate the time for him to work what can only be described as his magic.

Once again James and Jocelyne I can’t thank you both enough for such exceptional service.


Devin Kinsella
AYR – Vice President of Sales


I have been meaning to tell you, ever since our wedding last year, just how happy I am with the pictures. You guys did such an amazing job. Our family and friends are still talking about the pictures and people ask us who our photographer was all the time.

I don’t usually like any pictures of myself…but I have to admit that I couldn’t stop looking at these pictures! It really means so much to me that I have such a great way to remember our day. I don’t think that I can put into words how thrilled we are with them. Also, you guys just made our day and the picture taking so much fun. It was a really enjoyable experience.

Thanks for everything

Samantha Iteurrequi


Hi Jocelyne & James,

I just wanted to let you know I got the photos today and they are amazing!!! I am so happy with them and I know Jonathon will be too. I showed some people in my office and they were sooo impressed. I can’ wait to get home now to watch the DVD. You can put the pics on line now. Again I just want to thank you and James so much for everything, when we were planning the wedding we decided that we would spend a good portion of our budget on our photographer and I am so glad we did, you have given us memories that will last a lifetime. Good luck with everything and you will for sure be hearing from us for baby pics next year.

Take care,

Candice Doherty


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