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A Look At Natasha & Chris’s Wedding

Monday, August 8th, 2011

We photographed Natasha & Chris’s wedding at the end of June and they now have their wedding package in their hands, so I thought I would now post some images to share with the rest of you. Enjoy.


A look in to the wedding of Mandy & Tyler

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Well it’s Monday, so I thought what better way to kick of this week with Mandy & Tyler’s wedding.  As I stated in the dame day post on August 21, Tyler had one of the best opening lines for a grooms speech, in at the reception, in front of everyone.   “MANDY, YOU LOOK #@!&*% HOT TODAY!!!!”.  Boy did we have fun that day. So without further delay, here is a look into the wedding of Mandy & Tyler


An amazing Sudbury Wedding

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Well we just got back from documenting Michelle & Aaron’s wedding which was held right here in Sudbury.    I used to work with Aaron way back when I was at  Romes and working in the photolab and just by chance I went to school with Michelle’s sister Marlene.  This was an amazing day.  The weather was warm with a slight breeze to cool things off, the bridal party were kick*ss and all smiles, and it was like a high school reunion for me as a lot of their friends at the wedding were people I went to school with or worked with.  All in all a great day with a fabulous couple.  Now Michelle was a bit nervous today but after the knot was tied it was an immediate 180 as Aaron had the perma grin before and now they both (I assume) are still wearing them.  Thanks again you too and to all your family and bridal party.  It was a great way to kick off the beginning of our wedding season and your relaxed easy going manner made the day a blast…………..not to mention we created some outstanding images.  Looking forward to sharing the rest with you both.

Sudbury  Wedding Photography
Sudbury Wedding Photographer

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