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I have the power!

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Well I am all set to get back into the grind and start pumping out more kickbutt images.  I had a great week at our Inferno Convention and I came home motivated and drained at the same time.  I now have taken a few days off doing nothing but Xbox and Quading (Thank you Mr. Kinsella) and today I gutted my work station and recreated a workstation “Suite”.  I found that I didn’t have enough desktop space to really get into multitasking.  Too many things todo and not enough space to do them in all at once.  Well that isn’t the problem anymore.  I upgraded my desktop to a AMD Phenom II x 4 processor with 8 gigs of ram and Windows 7 64 bit system with dual monitors (soon to be triple).   I have now installed versions of all my workflow software and increased my arsenal with a few new additions that I have been planning on purchasing for a while.  So starting tomorrow, it’s back to the grind and posting every day (or close to it).  Once I get my video editing software installed I will be posting more from our inferno.  Here is a quick snap of my new workstation.

Note: No staples employees were harmed in the making of this workstation.

Sudbury Photography Workflow

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