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Another Sudbury Living Mag Cover

Friday, September 18th, 2009

The latest edition of the Sudbury Living Magazine has hit the stands with a photo from yours truely.  This editions featured article is on the Gregorini Family and if you Live in Sudbury, then chances are you have eaten at one of their fine establishments.  Make sure you check out Willie’s Ristorante Verdicchio , or Marks establishement – Franks Delicatessen on Durham st. , or Rob & Mini’s Respect Is Burning .  Joce and I had a lot of fun with this session as it was the first time we got to formaly meet Willie, Mark, Rob & Mini.  Fortunately for us, the sessions didn’t stop there as we had to schedule another session for Rob & Mini and another session for Mark.  This was a blessing in disguise as  we not only got to know Mark, Rob & Mini better, but we also formed some good solid business friendships.  It’s a good thing surrounding yourself with people that are just as passionate about their business as you are.  It amazes me how quickly we offered our help to each other and our business’s.
Make sure you pick up a copy of this magazine and read the whole article, or better yet, just go have a bite to eat and talk to each of them personaly.

Sudbury Living Magazine


Sudbury Restaurant Is On Fire

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Respect Is Burning has to be one of the hottest restaurants in Sudbury.  Today I had lunch with Rob Gregorini (owner) to talk business and marketing.   Even though we are in two seperate fields, marketing is marketing right?  And Rob knows how to market his business.  It’s no wonder this  July was even more busier than last July.  Recession?  What Recession?  I was always intrigued by his lengthy newsletters, his radio blasts, and the snailmail I would receive in my mail (no, not internet mail, but the good o’l fashion walk to the mailbox mail), it’s something that some business just are not doing anymore myself included, and I keep kicking myself in the arse because of it.

Stay tuned for Rob’s new Supper Club Format including new menus, members only events, off site branded parties (for members only) freebies galore and blah blah blah I can’t divulge too much as it’s not my club, but I’m sure Rob will fill us all in.

If you have not been in Respect lately I suggest you check it out, they have now added a new lower dining room for groups in the high season.  It’s gorgeous (maybe I will snag some images to show you in the future).

Coincidentaly, Matt & Jennifers wedding that we just document this past Sat, Respect did all the catering for them, and it looked delicous if I might add.  Small world.

10 ten restaurants in sudbury
Rob will have a new site, new logo, and yes of course a BLOG!!!
Be sure to checkout his facebook group to be notified of all these new events.



Thursday, January 29th, 2009

If you wish to cross link your website with mine, please let me know.

ROY LANE COFFEE SHOP –  If you are heading through Sioux Lookout be sure to stop by the Roy Lane Coffee shop. Great atmosphere and amazing staff.  Always a smile.

ALWAKI LODGE – Located on Thompson Island, 14 miles from the village of Kipawa, and can only be reached by boat. Kipawa Lake is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Quebec.

RESPECT IS BURNING – One of the leading edge restaurants in the Greater City Of Sudbury.  Awesome food, decor and conversation.

TRAINED BY TROY – Ontario’s top alternative fitness trainer.  Awesome stuff here.

FLOWERTOWN – Committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts, backed by service that is friendly and prompt.

ALBUM EPOCA – An amazing Album Company from Italy that we are proud have as one of our vendors.

RIRSTORANTE VERDICHIO –  Another amazing Sudbury Restaurant that we love to visit.

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