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Adventures In Ambergris Caye

Friday, January 8th, 2010

Well it has been a pretty sweet 48 hours.  Despite the clouds yesterday we all had a pretty relaxing day.  I spent the morning just lazying around on the couch reading my book, then went into town to hire a fishing guide for the afternoon.  I spent several hours fishing around the island and trying to locate the elusive bone fish. Unfortunately it was soooooo window that fishing was pretty well the one thing I should not have been doing, but hey, what else are you going to do on a sunless cloudy day? 

Today the sun peaked it’s head out for a few hours and we took full advantage of it.  We drove our pimpcart into town and walked around with our Canon G11’s for a NoBs Crapshoot.  At 1:00 we headed out into the ocean for our 5th dive and the ladies went snorkeling above us.   Just as we were leaving the dock we spotted 2 dolphins not 50 feet from us.  Andy (our guide) brought us right up to them as they were only in a few feet of water.  It was amazing to be this close to them…..but I wanted to get closer.  So I saddled up with my gear and jumped in the ocean beside them.   They swam  right up to me clicking and squeeking and swam around me for several minutes.  Here is a some video I took of the two fornicating dolphins.

Visibility was great and there  were plenty of new things to see.  Of course Murphy showed up and brought the gavel down on the law.  At the same time, both mine and Rob’s battery died in our cameras (doh! Never thought of checking that) and wouldn’t you know it, just over the next coral mound a HUGE ray appears, and then right after that a  rare Lion Fish (WOW, GOOGLE THIS FISH). It would have looked great on my wall (the image that is).  Tomorrow I will bring both batteries on the boat.  We have a 9:00 dive scheduled, and the afternoon is up in the air.  I will try to book a Tarpon Fishing session Sunday or Monday morning before I leave.

Here are a few images from the past two days.  Thanks all for the comments.

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