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A Sudbury Family Portrait

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Joce and I just got back from photographing the wonderfully color coordinated Leroy Family.    We scouted out a great location for this portrait and it just so happens to be a place that holds a lot of memories for the daughters which makes a family portrait like this more meaningful.   Creating a family portrait for our clients is something that we like to put a lot of thought into, especially the clothing choices.  No matter how great the poses are, the location is, or how big the smiles are, if the clothing is all over the place (stripes, patterns, different colors) it will distract from the most important element of the photograph.  The family.  Portraits like this are ment to be on the wall, to show off to your friends, and constantly look at while you walk by or into the room.  It will be a conversation piece, a comforting memory, and a life’s accomplishment.  When you have kids that have left the house, or are living far away from home, a family portrait is the perfect investment to keep them close to your heart.

Thanks Lorna, Amanda, Jennifer, Jordan, Carolyn, Mike and Emily, you have a fabulous family and it was a pleasure creating these images for you.


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