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Always time to fish – Even at a Wedding.

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

What a fabulous day it was today.  Not only did we get to document another amazing Sudbury Wedding, but we also got the chance to hang out with some great friends at the same time.  I have known Mark since high school, we fished together, hung out at the clubs (way back in the day) and we pretty well hang around the same crowd.  Today he married his beautiful wife Sheri at her parents property on Long Lake.  Well, it’s no hidden secret that Mark like’s to fish, any time, anywhere, any chance he can get.    Even today I played a little joke on him telling him I won a free trip to Alwaki Lake lodge for 3 people all inclusive fishing trip, but we had to leave tomorrow (knowing full well he had an after wedding brunch at his in-laws).  Well you could see the wheels turning in his head, I knew what he was thinking, the same thing I would have tried to figure out.  “how can I get out of brunch.”  We had a good laugh about it.

After visiting Sheri’s place in the morning we quickly learned that there were LOADS of opportunities for wedding photos.  She had it all, sheds, fields, wooden bridges, huge tree’s you name it, this property had it.  So why rush back into the city when we had our little paradise here?  Bridge?  If there is a bridge, then there must be a creek?  If there is a creek, is there fish? LOL.  Anyways, to make a long blog short, we all thought it would be funny to have an image of Mark fishing on his wedding day.  So we put a Hodgy Humor spin on it and came up with this.  I love it when we have loads of time to get creative.

Sudbury Wedding Photographer

Thanks again everyone for a truly wonderful wedding.  Family, bridal party, heck even the weather was perfect.  We had a blast as usual.

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