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The cutest baby in the WORLD!!!

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Now we might be a bit biased because she is our niece but cmon….. look at her.  Those big blue eyes, puggy little cheeks, and yes, I think purple is her color.  We did get some great images last session of Piper, but at least this session she didn’t pee on our couch.   Today we photographed my sister and her family (the Lasci family), did some individuals of Piper so that our other family members will stop harassing my sister and me, and then we finished off the session with our nephew Mckeans new school picture (cuz of course, his “school” picture will probably be crappy). So I dedicate this post to be a  pure BRAG post about the worlds cutest baby.  Piper.

sudbury baby photograph


SudburyPhotography || A Week Of Family, Babies & Kids

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Wow, what a week we had outdoors and in the studio.  Nothing but family, babies & kids, consultations, seminars, crapshoots and traveling.   We really don’t mind times like this when we are busy creating wall portraits for our clients.  Here are to images from 2 sessions we photographed today.   Like we have stated in previous posts it’s amazing  to watch our photography come full circle, as we are now photographing weddings, the maternity the family and hopefully in the future the future weddings.  We love documenting the different stages in a couples life and we feel very blessed that that we have the clientele we have.  So thank you all for allowing us to create these memories for you and your family.

Sasha would not sit still for very long but I did snag this one image after she crawled out of frame.

Sudbury Family Photographer
You watch, you see how they interact, turn a bit, a bit more DON’T MOVE!

Sudbury baby studio

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