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Business Portrait Day

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Start 2013 with a new look.

Business Portrait Day is FRIDAY JANUARY 18TH

Our Business Portrait Event Price is a


(Additional File $25.99)

Call Jocelyne To Book – 705-525-1512

Here is what you need to know about

your Business Portrait Session

Your session will be approximately 15 minutes

You will be photographed on a Neutral Gray Background

(This makes it easy for graphic designers to place you on other backgrounds in marketing materials)

You will view your images right then and there and pick your favorite before you leave.

You will receive 1 (one) high rez fully retouched image on CD with full “reproduction rights”

(you can use this image for whatever you wish)

Finished Image will be in Color & Black white and will include Low Rez Files for Email or Facebook

Sessions are for one (individual) only.

The quality of your Mug Shot affects how the world sees you.

If your idea of a business portrait is to stand up against a wall and have a friend snap a picture of you, then what does that say about you, or maybe your business? Don’t go the cheap road,

(yes I said cheap, because that is what it is),get a professional mugshot created, and in the end it will pay for itself.

Don’t settle for a snapshot that you or your friend took with a point and shoot camera.

5 Reasons why you should have

James Hodgins Photography create your next Mugshot

1. Because your due for a new mugshot, have you seen yours lately?

2. I promise you will leave the studio with an image that you are more than happy with.

3. The session will be quick, painless and most of all fun.

4. Your chosen portrait will be fully retouched to the standards we are known for.

5. You won’t find a better deal with better results than our “Business Portrait” event.

Your portrait can be used in many different forms such as:

Business Website, Business Card, Facebook, Marketing Materials, Bill Boards,

Promotional Flyers, Wanted Posters

Call Jocelyne to book 705-525-1512

“Only a limited amount of space for this one day event”


Dentists Have Great Smiles

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Including Dr. Virdee here.  She recently came in for a simple Studio Business Portrait to be used for Marketing Materials.


Live PSH Business Portrait Webinar.

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Well I just finished my first Live PSH (Photography School House) Ditto Cam presentation where I showed viewers how to create some professional Business Portraits.   I have been doing business portraits for years and I personally think I have my system dialed in.  Creating a professional business portrait should take no more than 5 minutes if you have everything setup and ready to go before the client steps foot in your studio.  A few minor adjustments should be all you need to fine tune the portrait once your client steps in front of the camera.  I would personally like to thank Brian & Natalie for taking the time out of their busy schedule and allowing me the chance to create an updated business portrait for their business.

Here are 2 images from the Webinar.


Fuller Industrial Invades The Studio

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Today I photographed the well dressed Jeff Fuller  and his equally well dressed collegues of Fuller Industrial for their new updated bio images.  I have known Jeff for some time (and we also did his family portrait and his wife’s business portrait)  and I always enjoy talking to him about his business and success.  Hard work, motivation, superior product and a great team are the key to rising to the top and Jeff and his team are a driving force.  Thanks again Jeff for being a great role model, and for letting us create your Business Portrait.  I look forward to creating more images with Fuller Industrial in the future.

Fuller Industrial


Why does your business portrait look so bad?

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

I’m always looking at photography, when I read the newspaper I’m looking at the photographs, when driving I’m looking at the billboards and when I’m in the mall I  look at all the posters in the clothing stores. There is some great photography out there, and there is also alot of crap.  Most of it is with the business portraits you see day in  and day out around town.  Realtors are the worse (in my opinion).  Ever flip through those little real estate magazines you find in the restaurants and malls?  WOW, half of those business portraits are snapshots, probably taken by a co-worker with nothing but a disposable camera and they look HORRIBLE!!!  Why would you represent yourself like this?  It really does not say “professional”.  Luckily some professionals seek professional portraits taken by myself or by my fellow professional photographers, and it’s good to see, because you really can see the difference.  Take the below portrait, I shot both of them myself, at the same time, in the same studio.  One was shot with a point & shoot camera against a white backdrop, very quick, VERY FAST AND CHEAP! (you see alot of business portraits like this), the second one was taken with a little more thought involved, some good lighting, nice posing, and moderate retouching.  Now, which portrait makes the individual look “Professional”?


Business Portrait Pricing

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

If you’re a professional, and your face is part of your business image, then why not make it the best it can be?  Over and over I see alot of Business Portraits that are just….well…….CRAP!.  If your idea of a business portrait is to stand up against a wall and have  a friend snap a picture of you, then what does that say about your business? Don’t go the cheap road, (yes I said cheap, because that is what it is), get a professional business portrait made. In the end it pays for itself.

The quality of your portrait affects how the world sees you. Make a lasting impression with an image that conveys the friendliness, warmth, and professional trust you bring to your work.


This includes:
Session Fee
1 High Rez Image
(File includes color & BW)
Image For Website

Image Release Form
Each image is custom retouched to the standards of Hodgins Photography. You will look good, You will be satisfied, and you will enjoy the experience.

Business Portraits for Any Class of Business

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