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“Dog Day”…Coming Soon.

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Some time in the new year we will be hosting “Dog Day” at our studio.  Hunter came in today for a trial run (and run he did) and although he was all over the place, we did manage to capture his personality in a few frames.  We love photographing dogs, and we understand that each dog has it’s own individual personality.  This is what we wan’t to capture, and so, “Dog Days” was created.  We will keep everyone posted on this upcoming event.  I know we will be trying to raise funds and food for the SPCA so this will be a good time to show your support AND get a great image of your dog.

sudbury dogs

Sudbury Pet Photography


Sudbury Miner And His Dog.

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

“Spencer” has to be  in the running for Sudbury’s Smallest Dog.  We just finished this shoot about an hr ago and I had to post it right away.  You just couldn’t take a bad image of this dog.   By the time he got to the studio is was tuckered right out, so it was really easy “pose” him.

Sudbury Pet Portraits

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